Reader, you surely must know well: there are a zillion reasons why bicycles are amazing. Not the least of which: they are an extraordinary connection that can bring an eclectic group of people together: spandex speeders, high-heel hipsters, BMX all-stars, baby-toters, angsty teens, car-haters, happy-go-luckies, polo players, the guy that almost crashed into you on the one-way street, day-glo commuters, hoodie and coffee stone-face, compost gurus, budding environmentalists (an increasing number of Bostonians), and thousands more self-propelled people of Boston.

We’re all in this together, and we love it. The streets of Boston can be a challenge, and it is time to challenge the challenge – together, and as we celebrate. There are some issues which affect the whole gamut of riders, and those bits may draw the serious vehicular cyclist into BBR to read about the latest BMX jam, or the newbie biker in to learn about how to gear up for smooth winter riding. How do I get my sister to ride to work? Why is it so hard to get bike lanes in this town? Read on.

BBR contributors include folks from Bikes Not Bombs, MassBike, Livable Streets, bostonbiker.org, and Boston Bike Polo. We’ve got school teachers, high school students, a local newspaper editor, brilliant artists, a woman who started three Earn-A-Bike programs with BNB in Ghana, and mechanics and shop owners from Broadway Bike School, BNB, Ferris Wheels, New Amsterdam Project, and MEL’s Hyde Park Bike Shop. These are groups that don’t usually collaborate- but hopefully will more often on other projects.

Riding here – what inspires you, riles you? What do you wish someone would write about? BBR is always looking for content and feedback- and advertisers to cover the costs of printing. (email Jasmine at bostonreflector.com)

This all-volunteer built production currently prints 2,000 copies of each FREE, quarterly issue. Pick it up and pass it around, they disappear fast. Good thing all the issues are downloadable from the website, which also features supplementary content: www.bostonreflector.com.

This blog is merely a temporary measure – volunteers are steadily building another website for BBR which will feature each issue, all content, and additional interesting items.