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Special feature on BBR in the Boston Phoenix‘s special BICYCLE BIBLE section this week – fabulous.

Downloadable issue 2 on hold –

here’s a FREE DOWNLOAD YEA! VERSION OF ISSUE 3! …with bits of color and paginated for printing.


Printed issue is about town- so get out there and look for it.!!!


Dear All,

It has been brought to our attention this morning that BBR’s Winterize Your Ride article was largely exactly the same as Jeff Guerrero’s Winter Survival Guide published in Urban Velo Magazine, Issue #4.

We at BBR were unaware of this until this morning, and the article was written by a volunteer.

Urban Velo, the publication and the website, is a wonderful publication, and I hold very high regard for its contributors, editor Brad Quartuccio, and publisher Jeff Guerrero, who is also the author of Winter Survival Guide.

I offer a deep apology for this oversight as editor. I hope that BBR and Urban Velo can move on from this rather shocking issue as colleagues. I admire and respect UrbanVelo, and thank its dedicated creators for their work.

Thank you for understanding,

Jasmine Laietmark, editor of Boston Bicycle Reflector